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About The Co-Authors

Sid Slagter
Sidney R. Slagter is the founder and president of Veterans Stories, Inc., a corporation dedicated to recognizing and honoring veterans from all wars and all branches of service. His goal is to preserve the memories of our country's greatest heroes so they can be passed on to future generations.

Born into a family of veterans, he developed a passion for military history at an early age, listening to his uncles' and cousins' tales of serving in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He spends his time reading volumes of stories sent in by letter, e-mail, and fax from all over the globe. He has appeared as a guest speaker on many television and radio shows, and he recently addressed the members and guests of the Medal of Honor Society in Pueblo, Colorado.

Sid's work has brought him into personal contact with thousands of our living heroes and their families, and it is his great honor to share these amazing stories with the world.

Sid and his wife, Ilene, make their home in Juno Beach, FL.


Photo of Sid Slagter, Editor
Sid Slagter
Jack Canfield
Jack is one of America’s leading experts in the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He is both a dynamic, entertaining speaker and a highly sought-after trainer. Jack has a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward increased levels of self-esteem and peak performance.

Jack is a bestselling author with thirty-nine books published, including twenty-one New York Times bestsellers. In 1998 USA Today declared that Jack Canfield and his writing partner, Mark Victor Hansen, sold more books during the previous year than any other author in the United States. Jack and Mark also have a syndicated Chicken Soup for the Soul newspaper column through King Features and a weekly column in Woman’s World magazine. He has appeared on numerous television shows including Good Morning America, 20/20, Eye to Eye, CNN’s Talk Back Live, PBS and the BBC.

Jack conducts an annual seven-day Training of Trainers program in the areas of building self-esteem and achieving peak performance in all areas of your life. The program attracts educators, counselors, parenting trainers, corporate trainers, professional speakers ministers, youth workers and interested others.



Jack Canfield

Mark Victor Hansen
Mark is a professional speakers who, in the last twenty years, had made over four-thousand presentations to more than 2 million people in 32 countries. His presentations cover sales excellence and strategies; personal empowerment and development; and how to triple your income and double your time off.

Mark has spent a lifetime dedicated to his mission of making a profound and positive difference in people’s lives. Throughout his career, he has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create a more powerful and purposeful future for themselves.
Mark is a prolific writer and a bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series with his writing partner Jack Canfield.

Mark has also produced a complete library of personal empowerment books, audio and videocassette programs that have enabled his listeners to recognize and use their innate abilities in their business and personal lives. His message has made him a popular television and radio personality, with appearances on Oprah, ABC, CBS, HBO, PBS, and CNN. He has also appeared on the cover of numerous magazines, including Success, Entrepreneur and Changes.

Mark Victor Hansen












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