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A good book. I spent 3 years in Vietnam. I have had a lot of problems believing that any one really cares. Now 30 years later I am beginning to come home. I lost too much over there. But all along God has shown me the way. I don't get all of what recovery is about, but I am surrounded by friends now to help. Your book helps me KNOW SOMEONE CARES.
         — John Brewer

A Book That Should be in Every Classroom. I bought this book for my grandfather's birthday and began to leaf through it. I suddenly couldn't put it down. The very first moving story by James F. Murphy, Jr. (a story that brought tears to my eyes and I don't cry much) to the last page I was moved like I never have been by a book. I realized this is the kind of book teacher's should be having us read in history class. These former soldiers words painted pictures that Hollywood never has been able to paint on screen - humanity.
         — Scott Watson, 16-year-old high school student

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Sgt Adam Osman. I am currently deployed in Bosnia. I have been contacting Mrs. Fran Dobson, for Adoptaplatoon. She has sent me a copy of your book. I'm glad someone has done what it is you are doing, with the book and all, and I just wanted to say thank you for supporting us, the US soldier. Please keep up the good work.
         — Sgt Adam Osman, Eagle Base Tuzla, Bosnia

Dear Sid,
We gave out the first copy
of Chicken Soup for the Veterans Soul yesterday. The recipient couldn't believe his good fortune. He handled the book as though it were precious crystal, and was incredibly humble in receiving his gift. He read your inscription and managed a smile. I pointed out your photo on the back, so that he would know who it was that cared enough about his service to recognize him with a gift. Life threw this vet some curve balls after his service, but he's on his way back now. I asked him if he liked to read. He said...oh yes, sir. I love to read. Well now he's got something he can really sink his teeth into. Thanks to you, my friend. Again...thank you my friend. I tell everyone I know about your compassion and your generosity, and I encourage them to go out there and get the book. Having read it myself, I feel I am a credible critic. There's a tremendous need for inspiration, faith and love in the world right now. Chicken Soup for the Veterans Soul goes a long way in satisfying that need. A co-worker just read The Four Chaplains, and knew she had to go out and get the whole book. I pray your work will be a tremendous success, for it is truly an instrument of healing. Thank you.
         — Matt Davison, Homeless Veteran Reintegration Project Joint Efforts, Inc. - San Pedro, CA

I just finished reading Chicken Soup for the Veterans Soul & wanted to comment on what an excellent book it turned out to be. This book is very moving to say the least, probably one of the best books that I have read in quite a long time… I feel it is a honor to be called a "Veteran" and I hope that I did my duty as well as the people mentioned in the book…. May you have much success with this book & hopefully many more to follow. One thing that is great about it is the fact that this book was not wrote about some famous admiral or general, it is written by & about the slow moving elderly gentleman or the widowed mother who does not advertise themselves as anyone special, but in a place long ago &/or far away they were, and odds are they still live with those memories of the past. Please keep telling their stories, because they definitely need to be told. Have a
good day…
         — Chris Dilley

Last week I finally bought a copy of "Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul." I read a few of the stories, then went back and bought the last four copies at the only Wal-Mart in Genesee County. I'm taking them all to the VN Helicopter Pilots Reunion in Denver. *Very* moving and thought provoking stories. Beautiful job.
Thanks, again, for the great job on "Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul".
         — Jim Schueckler

Received Chicken Soul for Veterans from my Daughter on Fathers Day. Your ads go on & on about Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Tarawa, etc.---these were ALL MARINE Battles---as a sales pitch so, just wanted to thank you for seeing your way clear to include SIX Marine "stories" in your "book" of 92 "remembrances" !! As a WW2 U.S. Marine please accept my sincere thanks, you guys have really won a place in my heart!
         — MM

I just had to write and let you know how much I loved your book. I'm not ashamed to say that many of the stories made me cry. It's amazing what our Veterans have accomplished when put in certain situations! By the way I am a 44-year-old Army Veteran. I lost the use of my left arm and leg while on active duty in 1977. I began participating in the N.V.W.G. in1999 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We love your book, keep up the good work.
         — PFC. Michael D. Wilhoite, U.S. ARMY-RETIRED.

I just spent part of the day reading Chicken Soup For The Veterans Soul. I want to thank you so much for your great part in putting together this fine book. I am a veteran who felt that I had not done my part because my service was during peacetime (82-87) USN. I spent a lot of time being bitter because I was medically out after not quite 5 years. I wanted to fight for my country. This book has helped me see that any honorable service is true service. Both of my parents were in the army. My dad, 54-57, and my mom was a WAC55-57. I have a son who's 17 and wants to be a Marine. Thank you for making sure that veterans are remembered. God Bless,
         — William Allen Crowder


















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